Disclaimer: The information herein is not intended to replace the product’s User Manual. Please consult the User Manual for comprehensive information and cautionary guidance about the product’s operation and use.

Registering the device creates a Vscan Extend GE Marketplace account.

1. First time registrants, press Register to create an account. Enter the required details.

Registration details

NOTE: If you have previously registered a Vscan Extend device, press Already Registered using your registered email. 
See ‘Registered users’ for more information.

2. Check the desired options to either participate in collaborative GE activities or to receive special offers and promotions.

Press Register.

3. An email is sent to the email address used during registration.

NOTE: The email has a link requiring you to set your password for security purposes.

4.  Press Activate my device.

Choose an option

5. Vscan Extend has been activated. Press Start Using Device.

Start using Vscan Extend