Disclaimer: The information herein is not intended to replace the product’s User Manual. Please consult the User Manual for comprehensive information and cautionary guidance about the product’s operation and use.

The Software Update allows to update Vscan Extend firmware, GE Marketplace, GE Kiosk, and Vscan Extend application through the internet. New versions of these software applications can be downloaded from GE Server. You can choose either install or cancel the update.

NOTE: Make sure you are connected to a public network to perform Software Update.

Update over the internet (Applicable to systems with software version 1.2.X)

To update software(s) and firmware over internet

1. Press Menu -> Settings -> Update over the internet

    The System connects to OTA server.

Update over internet

2. Press Update to download all the software updates.

Download softwares

NOTE: If the device loses network connectivity (with non-clinical network) when update is getting detected or downloaded, the update process gets cancelled. Restart the update process once again.

3. The device prompts you to install the softwares one by one. Press install button after each update.

Update GE Kiosk

Update GE Marketplace

Update scanner app

Update Firmware

Update OS patch

NOTE: Device must not be powered off while installing Firmware update. It gets powered off automatically once installation completed. 
Make sure the battery is 100% charged or AC is connected while updating the Firmware.

4. Press power button to start the device.

OS Patch Update (Android Version 5.1)

To update an OS patch manually

Update OS patch


1. Press Menu -> Admin Settings -> Settings.

2. Press About phone -> Software Update.

    Check for any latest updates if available.

NOTE: OS patch info displays “OS is at latest patch level, No OS patch update needed for this device.” if no updates available.

3. Press Continue. OS update process starts. Wait till OS update gets completed.

4. Press power button to start the device.

Update via SD Card

Update Vscan Extend application via SD card


Firmware Installation

Install Firmware via SD Card


Application Settings

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