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A device PIN has to be created for security purposes to access or store images/ videos. This PIN is created prior to the first use or after the system has been reset. Once the PIN is set, the user is prompted for the PIN when:

  • Images/videos are stored in the spooler
  • User wishes to store an image/video
  • The session duration time has expired

1. Create a new PIN (four digit number) for data storage and access, for example, 1234.

User PIN


2. Confirm the PIN for security purpose. Confirmation is only required after PIN creation.

 Confirm PIN

A PIN security note also displays to the user:

This PIN is critical for accessing system data. It is required to access and store system data. Please remember a wrong/incorrect PIN entry can lead to loss of system data. Avoid sharing the PIN to unauthorized users for data protection.


Remember PIN


Incorrect Device PIN


The PIN provides access to data storage and retrieval during normal use.


The device prompts to enter the PIN after power ON or reboot. The user can skip entering the PIN and continue scanning by pressing the scan symbol () at the bottom of the screen, see figure 'Wrong Pin' In this case, scanning is allowed but images/videos cannot be stored or accessed.

1. A pop-up message displays when an incorrect PIN is entered.

Wrong PIN


2. After 5 wrong attempts, the Vscan Extend displays a pop-up message to “Backup” data on a microSD card before the next login. See ‘Backup’ for more information.


Backup data


3. A pop-up message displays for every incorrect PIN entry thereafter. For example, 4, 3, 2, 1 attempt(s) left.


Remaining attempts


NOTE: It is recommended to back-up data on a microSD card before the last attempt.

After the 10th attempt, the system resets (data is deleted from device storage) and goes back to the initial screen where a new PIN should be entered as shown in Figure 'User PIN'.

In case the old PIN is recovered, the user can still access the backed up data on the microSD card.