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The following apps are applicable for the software version 1.X.X. For more information contact your local applications, sales or service representative.

  • Bladder Volume app
  • Lung Protocol app
  • Tricefy Uplink app

The following apps are applicable for the software version 1.2.X. For more information contact your local applications, sales or service representative.

  • Protocol Creator app
  • Scan Coach RHD app
  • Scan Coach FATE app
  • Scan Coach FCU app
  • LVivo EF app
  • Lung M-Mode app
  • Screen Mirror app
  • Enterprise Archive Uplink app
  • Comprehensive Label app
  • Auto Optimize app
  • AV Plane app

Installing and Uninstalling Vscan Extend apps

For installing Vscan Extend apps, refer ‘Installing Vscan Extend apps

NOTE: When multiple applications are installed that can be used during scanning, an arrow appears on the scan screen to expand the display of two levels of apps icons.

For Uninstalling Vscan Extend apps, refer ‘Uninstalling apps