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The Bladder Volume app is a protocol enabled measurement tool for calculating urinary bladder volumes. The protocol includes an edge-detection algorithm that suggests and automatically places the measure calipers for transverse and sagittal view. These measurements can be accepted or adjusted manually by the user to get the bladder volume.

The Bladder Volume app calculates the bladder volume using 3 distance measurements from two orthogonal images (transverse and sagittal).

Two distances are taken from the transverse image and one distance from the sagittal image, at the widest points, to calculate the bladder volume.

Bladder Volume Settings


1. Press App Settings from the Settings menu. A pop-up displays.

Bladder Volume app settings


2. Press on the desired formula.

Bladder volume formula


  • [0.7 x (D1 x D2 x D3)]
  • [0.52 x (D1 x D2 x D3)]

Using Bladder Volume

To use the bladder app, the following are prerequisites:

  • Install the app using GE Marketplace.
  • Sector probe is active.
  • Live image is frozen.

The Bladder Volume App runs an algorithm on the currently displayed image frame, finding the widest points on the bladder contour and placing the measurement calipers at these widest points.

1. On the scanned transverse image, press to Freeze.

    The Bladder Volume App icon displays at the bottom of the screen.


 Bladder App icon


2. Scroll to select a suitable frame.

3. Press the Bladder icon to start the bladder measurement.

    The measurement cursors appear to perform the measurement.

    The widest points (D1 and D2) in a transverse image are perpendicular to each other.


 Transverse measure


  1. D1 - Longitudinal maximum length
  2. D2 - AP diameter

NOTE: The Transverse Measure screen is displayed by default.

NOTE:  If a sagittal image is acquired first press the Sagittal toggle button to change the step displayed.


Toggle button

4. Adjust the measurement calipers manually, if required.

5. Press Store. The screen enters sagittal capture. If you wish to quit the sagittal capture and return to live scanning screen, press the Close button.

6. Press to Freeze. Scroll to select the best frame.

7. Press Measure Frame.

Measure Frame


The image, along with the measurement values and volume, displays.

Measurement values


9. Press Store.


NOTE:  The image is saved with the measurement values and volume embedded on it.
View the saved images from the gallery.

NOTE: The Bladder app cannot be used on stored images in the gallery.

Exiting Bladder Volume


1. Press Close to exit the Bladder Volume App.


Exit Bladder Volume App


1. Close                                                2. Quit


A pop-up displays for confirmation.

2. Press Quit to exit the Bladder Volume app.

3. Press Cancel to continue using the Bladder Volume app.

NOTE: When you start a new exam, the Bladder Volume app exits.