Disclaimer: The information herein is not intended to replace the product’s User Manual. Please consult the User Manual for comprehensive information and cautionary guidance about the product’s operation and use.

Before Each Use:

Inspect the transducer (see ‘Before each use’).


After Each Use

Ensure that the main unit and the transducer are properly cleaned after each use and before storing in the case.

Other Recommendations

Like most high frequency computing devices, the electronic components of Vscan Extend will generate some heat while operating normally and as intended. Vscan Extend is equipped with safety mechanisms which will automatically reduce computing speed (frame rate), and ultimately shut down the device, before any risk of overheating occurs. Vscan Extend is verified to comply with harmonized safety standards under any operating condition described in this user manual (see ‘Environmental requirements for the device’). To help keeping the Vscan Extend operating temperature at an optimal functional level, and to ensure longer scanning time with maximum frame rate, it is recommended to hold the Vscan Extend so that there is good contact between the device and the hand.