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A new exam can be created in two ways:

  1. The Vscan Extend is powered on and it goes to the scanning mode.
  2. Create New Exam from the Menu screen.
    • Press Menu.
    • Press New Exam.
NOTE: A new exam gets created when Vscan Extend enters Standby mode and also when Vscan Extend is disconnected from a PC.

NOTE: A new exam will not get saved only with patient details. The exam will get saved when an image or video is saved for that exam.

NOTE: It is recommended to enter patient information using alphanumeric characters.

Saving a new exam

When an image or video is stored, the exam is automatically saved.

NOTE: Current exam ends only when a new exam is created.

Editing patient information for an exam

Patient information can be entered in two ways:

  • Edit Patient on the Menu screen
  • DICOM - Retrieve patient information from DICOM modality worklist

1. Press Menu -> Edit Patient.

Edit patient details

2. Enter patient details and press Save.

Save patient details


3. Retrieve patient information from DICOM modality worklist broker. See ‘DICOM Modality Worklist: Retrieve patient information from DICOM ModalityWorklist broker

4. Retrieve the patient information from the DICOM modality worklist broker. Press Save.

5. Patient information also gets saved when the patient is associated with an exam with images.