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The Vscan Extend has audit logs of various types of events and activities.

The audit logs captured in the microSD card can be exported to a PC. A report can be generated using these audit logs.

The audit logs capture the following information:

1. Device Start/Shut-down time

2. Incorrect password attempts

3. Additions and modifications to system configuration, including:

  • DICOM connection
  • Windows Share connection
  • Wi-Fi connection and security details (SSID, Network disconnect/connect timings)
  • Application software install/uninstall/upgrade
  • Registration of partnering apps

4. Events related to Patient Data, including the following details:

  • Date/Time of data access
  • Type of action (addition, deletion, modification, reviewed)
NOTE: Audit logs do not show the transfer of data to the PC.
  • Applications used (Bladder Volume, Lung Protocol, etc.)

5. Data Export

  • Date/Time of data export, including end point and Wi-Fi SSID information
  • Data Backup/Restore details

6. Invalid Device PIN attempt

7. Kiosk admin mode login success and failure