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Windows share allows the system to send ultrasound images to a PC.

1. Create a shared folder on the PC and provide the credentials and domain name.

2. Provide access to users who need access to the shared folder.

3. Press Windows share from the list. Enter the required details - Name, Domain, Remote IP Address, Share Folder, User name and Password.

Windows share

4. Press Add.

NOTE: All the required fields need to be entered.

5. Press Verify.

A Verify OK message displays.

NOTE: Windows Share can also be added as a favorite and can be deleted as a favorite.
NOTE: Share option is enabled only when any one of the fields in the patient details page is entered. Only images and videos are exported to the PC with the patient information anonymized.

Share Images

1. Press Menu on the scan screen.

2. Press Exams to be exported.

3. Press Upload Selected.

4. Select the created Windows Share destination.

The exported folder is as shown in the figure below.

Exported image folder

Images inside the exam folder


5. If the exported image does not get transferred to the PC or if the transfer fails, a red icon appears next to the image.

Device Status

To monitor DICOM and Windows share jobs, press Menu -> Device Status.

Device Status