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NOTE: This feature is available with the DICOM configuration.


Vscan Extend supports the following DICOM functionality:

DICOM users can use:

  1. DICOM Modality Worklist: Retrieve patient information from DICOM modality worklist broker
  2. Add patient identifying information to exam.
    • manually
    • selecting from modality worklist
  3. DICOM Store: Export DICOM images from Vscan Extend to the DICOM image server.


DICOM Modality Worklist Server

To configure the DICOM modality worklist server, See ‘Configure Worklist Server’ for more information.

DICOM Modality Worklist: Retrieve patient information from DICOM ModalityWorklist broker

Vscan Extend can download and refresh a DICOM modality worklist. An exam can be linked to an existing patient pulled from the worklist, prior to exporting to the DICOM image server.

NOTE: It is not necessary to refresh the modality worklist for each exam.
NOTE: When data is accessed for the first time, the device prompts for a ‘PIN’; enter the pin for security purposes.

1. Press Menu - > Worklist.


2. Press Refresh to download Worklist entries.

Refresh Worklist

  1. Refresh
  2. Search
NOTE: It is not be possible to change the following DICOM attributes received from worklist: Patient Name, Patient ID and Accession Number.

NOTE: If there are no scheduled cases for the dates, a pop-up messages displays.

NOTE: If the 'Abstract syntax not supported', worklist download fails.

3. Press the Search icon to search a particular patient. See figure 'Refresh Worklist'.

4. Enter the patient name or patient ID.

New exam


A new exam automatically gets created for this patient.

New exam

DICOM Store: exporting DICOM images from Vscan Extend to DICOM image server

At the end of an exam, ensure the Patient ID is linked to the exam. This is required before exporting images or videos. See ‘Patient examination’ for more information.

1. Press Menu -> Exams


2. Press the Export icon.


NOTE: Individual images from an exam or an entire exam can be selected for export.
NOTE: At least one of the required fields in patient details need to be filled in before export is enabled.

3. If more than one storage destination is configured, select the desired destination.

Choose destination


4. Press Upload Selected to export the exam.

Upload selected exam


The selected exam(s) are exported to the DICOM server.

5. A green icon indicates a successful export.

A gray icon indicates the export was initiated and is pending upload.

If an exported image does not successfully transfer to the DICOM server, a red icon appears next to the image.

NOTE: Press ‘i’ icon to view the error message.
NOTE: To refresh the screen to see the current status, exit the page and return to the same page.

Transfer failed


All still images can be sent to the DICOM image server. Videos may be sent to the DICOM image server only if “Enable MultiFrame DICOM” is selected in the DICOM server configuration.

Up to 100 images can be exported at one time. 

The multiframe video is limited to 4 seconds.

NOTE: If the export is unsuccessful, it takes about 20 minutes until a failure message appears as the device attempts to resend the images/videos.