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It is highly recommended to backup patient data on a microSD card, at regular intervals, to avoid data loss.

The microSD card inside the device captures the error log files.

Backup MUST be performed before sending the system to the repair depot as the data is wiped from the internal memory and cannot be retrieved.

NOTE: Use a blank microSD card with a capacity <=32GB to perform backup.

NOTE: The microSD card backup requires a length of time to process, the time being dependent on the number of images/videos requiring backup. 
For example, 1000+ videos in 50 to 60 exams takes approximately 14 minutes to back up to the microSD card.

To backup patient data:

1. Power OFF the Vscan Extend.

2. Remove the Battery. See ‘Inserting/removing the batteryor more information.

3. Remove the microSD card containing the log files from the device and insert a blank microSD card. See below figure on how to insert the SD card.

Insert SD card

4. Power ON the Vscan Extend.

5. Press Menu -> Settings -> Backup.


6. A pop-up displays.


Backup data message


Press Allow to initiate backup OR Cancel to stop the backup process.

7. If the backup process is successful, the patient, exam, logs, and configuration data are backed up on the microSD card. The following message displays.


 Backup successful

If the backup process is unsuccessful, a failed message displays.


Backup failed


NOTE: If the available memory on the microSD card is less than 50% when initiating backup, the process fails.

8. After backup is complete, power OFF the Vscan Extend. Remove the battery. Remove the backup microSD card and store in a safe place.

9. Insert the original microSD card, containing the error logs, into the device. Power ON the Vscan Extend.