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When restoring previously-backed up patient data, you must first backup the current patient data as the restore procedure overwrites the existing data. See ‘Backup’ for more information.

Make sure to insert the correct microSD card.

NOTE: The restore operation does not restore backed up logs.

1. Power OFF the Vscan Extend.

2. Remove the Battery. See ‘Inserting/removing the battery’ for more information. Remove the microSD card containing the log files from the device.

3. Insert the microSD card with the backed up data. See figure below on how to insert the SD card.

Insert SD card

4. Power ON the Vscan Extend.

5. Press Menu -> Settings -> Restore.


6. A pop-up displays.


Restore Confirmation


Press Allow to initiate restore OR Cancel to stop the restore process.

7. If the restore procedure is successful, the patient, exam, and configuration data are restored to the device.

If the restore procedure fails, a pop-up displays.


Restore failed


If the microSD card does not contain any patient details to restore, a pop-up displays. The system automatically shuts down.


Power off


8. After restore is complete, power OFF the Vscan Extend. Remove the battery. Remove the backup microSD card and store in a safe place. The data is still retained on the microSD card.

9. Insert the original microSD card, containing the error logs, into the device. Power on the Vscan Extend.