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Scanner software 

You can upgrade the currently installed software to a software version equal to or greater than your current version.


NOTE: Before proceeding with the upgrade, ensure that the battery is fully charged and the charger is plugged in. Backup patient data.

To perform a software upgrade:

1. Remove the battery. See ‘Inserting/removing the batteryfor more information.

2. Remove the microSD card that captures the error log files from the device (lightly push the SD card holder and pull out the SD card).

3. Insert the microSD card (MST and Application software SD card) having the application software file into the Vscan Extend.

Insert SD card

4. Press Settings on the Menu screen.

5. Press System Settings.

6. Press Upgrade Software.

The following message displays:

Current software version is:

New software version is:

7. Press OK to proceed with the upgrade.

8. Once the upgrade is complete, power OFF the Vcan Extend.

9. Remove the battery, remove the microSD card (MST and Application software SD card).

10. Insert the original microSD card containing the log files.

11. Insert the battery.

12. Power ON the Vscan Extend.

13. Press Menu -> About to verify the software version.

Upgrade MST firmware

Perform MST firmware upgrade as recommended by GE personnel.

Before starting the MST firmware upgrade

1. Record the option key. (Press Settings -> Configuration -> View Modules -> Enter a key to note the option key)

2. Power off the Vscan Extend.

3. Make sure the battery is fully charged.

4. Remove the battery. See ‘To remove the battery’ for more information.

5. Remove the original microSD card present in the Vscan Extend.

6. Insert the firmware microSD (MST and Application software SD card) card having the firmware file in the Vscan Extend. Insert the battery.

7. Power on the Vscan Extend.

8. Press Menu -> Settings -> Install Firmware.

Install Firmware


A pop message displays prompting to allow MST firmware installation.

9. Press Allow.

A progress bar displays indicating the installation progress. (The MST firmware gets installed in the background)

The Vscan Extend shuts down after the installation is complete.

After the firmware upgrade is completed

1. Disconnect the AC/DC adapter if connected to the device.

NOTE: If the AC/DC adapter is not disconnected, the device activation does not get initiated. The device remains in the blue screen.

2. Remove the battery.

3. Remove the MST and Application software SD card from the Vscan Extend.

4. Insert the original microSD card into the Vscan Extend.

5. Insert the battery.

6. Power on the Vscan Extend.

Activate the Vscan Extend. See ‘Activation’ on page 3-27 for more information.

7. Perform the Diagnostics test from the Settings menu.

8. Press About from Menu to verify the MST firmware version after upgrade.

9. Verify the basic functions (for example) scanning.