Possible cause
Vscan Extend has no power.
When both batteries are discharged.
Connect the AC/DC adapter to charge the device for at least 10 minutes and power on the device.
Vscan Extend is not charging.
Battery not inserted.
Battery defect or end of life.
Contact GE Service 
Broken battery connection.
Contact GE Service 
Defective AC adapter or charger.
Contact GE Service 
Mains power is down.

Temperature is outside the specified limits.
Ensure the ambient temperature is within the specified limits (see ‘Environmental requirements for the device’ )
Display screen is blank when the device is powered on.
Connection broken during software loading.
Contact GE Service 
Parts of the image is missing when scanning.
Channels are missing.
Contact GE Service 
Noise when moving the probe cable.
Defective probe cable.
Contact GE Service 
No image displayed when scanning.
Defective probe.
Contact GE Service 
Vscan Extend display is flashing while scanning.
Automatic reduction of the frame rate due to increase of the operating temperature after extended scanning.
Power OFF and Power ON the Vscan Extend to restore the normal frame rate.
NOTE: To maintain the operating temperature of the Vscan Extend at an optimal functional level, it is recommended to hold the Vscan Extend so there is good contact between the device and the hand. This will also ensure a longer scanning time with maximum frame rate
Vscan Extend is not entering the scan screen and stays on the GE start-up screen.
Battery may not have sufficient charge.
Charge the Vscan Extend battery for at least 60 minutes.
Battery is not inserted properly.
Remove and insert the battery to ensure the battery sits flat after assembly.
Verification failure of DICOM image server
The DICOM end point does not support the initiated service (Echo or Storage or MWL service)
Contact Hospital IT staff to find the cause, DICOM end point logs may help to find the root cause.
Failure to store image
Press ‘i’ icon. A message displays the reason for failure.