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If the shutdown screen appears after 50 seconds on booting. Message displayed - Battery critically low:

  • Connect charger immediately (amber LED indicates the device is charging).
  • Power off Vscan Extend, wait 1 minute, allow the device to shut down properly, and Power ON Vscan Extend.

Shutdown error 

If the problem persists:

  • Allow the device to shut down properly (wait for 30 seconds).
  • Remove the battery. See ‘Inserting/removing the battery’ for more information.
  • Connect the AC adapter (check if the charger LED blinks amber).
  • Power ON the device (you may have to press the power button for a longer time, since the AC adapter is connected).
  • If the device starts up: power OFF the device, remove the AC adapter. Insert the battery again (See ‘Inserting/ removing the battery’ for more information.) and reconnect the AC adapter and power on the device and then check the charge status. If battery has > 30% charge, remove the AC adapter and start scanning, if not charge the battery first.