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After cleaning, the device may be wiped with a tissue sprayed with a recommended germicide.

Recommended Germicides

In order to provide users with options in choosing a germicide, GE routinely reviews new medical germicides for compatibility with the Vscan Extend and its probe. Although a necessary step in protecting patients and employees from disease transmission, liquid chemical germicides must also be selected to minimize potential damage to the device.




Pharmaceutical Innovations

PI-Spray II

Pharmaceutical Innovations





Cleanisept wipes

Dr. Schumacher GmbH


Dr. Schumacher GmbH


NOTE: Refer to the agent labeling for preparation and use instructions.
NOTE: Follow the manufacturer's instructions for storage, use and disposal of the disinfection solution.
NOTE: No special accessories are required for cleaning the device.

Cleaning agents

Follow the instructions described below while using CaviWipes.



  1. Use one CaviWipes towelette to completely preclean the surface of the device, probe and cable.
  2. Ensure that no debris and bioburden are left behind.
  3. Discard used towelette.
  4. Use a second CaviWipes towelette to thoroughly wet the surface of the pre-cleaned surface. Repeated use of the product may be required to ensure that the surface remains visibly wet for 3 minutes at room temperature (20 degrees).