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Network connection for the Vscan Extend is required by several system features:

  1. DICOM connectivity to other DICOM devices
  2. Disk Management/Backup towards Windows share
  3. Image/Video storage via the “JPG/MPEG” feature

System Interconnections

The figure below shows the possible interconnections for the Vscan Extend Ultrasound system. For a particular installation, typically a subset of the interconnections is utilized.

Vscan Extend network diagram

1. GE Marketplace/Tricefy

2. Hospital Clinical Network

3. Vscan Extend Device


5. Hospital Clinical Wireless infrastructure

6. Windows PC

Device features

  • Supported Wireless
    Protocols include WPA2 with PSK and EAP with certificates
  • Log files
  • Data backup/restore
  • Security and software updates

Wireless Networks are configured by Hospital IT administrators or device owners. The Wi-Fi encryption depends upon on the hospital IT infrastructure and the device enterprise grade protocols with the certificate mechanism.

DICOM image transfer and anonymized images/video transfer to a Windows machine is supported via hospital clinical wireless network. GE Marketplace/Tricefy is supported via non-clinical Wireless Network (which has access to internet) over SSL/TLS.

The table below describes interconnections in more detail: 


Network service




Optional connection to PACS/DICOM server for patient and image archiving/retrieval.

DICOM storage, DICOM Query/Retrieve and DICOM Worklist are supported

Windows share

Windows file sharing

Some dataflows can be configured to use a windows share as output. This includes MPEG, videos.

USB export

USB cable

If the feature is enabled, an USB cable can be connected to a PC for exporting images and videos.