Disclaimer: The information herein is not intended to replace the product’s User Manual. Please consult the User Manual for comprehensive information and cautionary guidance about the product’s operation and use.

Screen Mirror app is used to mirror the display of the Vscan Extend™ device onto wireless displays in the vicinity via Miracast®.

By the help of the Screen Mirror app, the user can choose from a list of wireless displays in the vicinity, initiate a connection, mirror the screen and disconnect from the wireless display. Once connected, the content of the Vscan Extend’s screen is mirrored on to the larger display.

The displays which are Miracast-certified can be connected through this app. For displays that do not have a built-in Miracast support, adapters (dongles) that plug into the HDMI ports are available in the market.

There is no need for an Internet connection, as the Miracast employs peer-to-peer Wi-Fi Direct® standard.

Vscan Extend is a trademark of General Electric Company. Miracast and Wi-Fi Direct are trademarks of Wi-Fi Alliance.

NOTE: Read the app description and the Disclaimer before installing the Screen Mirror app.
NOTE: * Applications under GE Marketplace are available as options (not available in all geographies).

Using Screen mirror app

To start screen sharing

1. Press Menu -> Settings -> Screen Mirror

Screen Mirror screen


2. Press Screen Mirror to initiate mirroring of the Vscan Extend screen.

Select a device


3. Select a device. A connection establishes between the device and Vscan Extend. The Vscan Extend screen is mirrored.

4. Press the Back arrow to go the scan screen.

To stop screen sharing

1. Press Menu -> Settings -> Screen Mirror

2. Press the device name on the list.

Device name


A popup displays prompting you to disconnect.

3. Press Disconnect.


The mirroring ends.


NOTE: You must press Menu -> Settings -> Screen Mirror. Select the device and press disconnect to end mirroring each time the device is mirrored.