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The Enterprise Archive Uplink app provides the interface to GE’s Centricity Enterprise Archive™, a vendor neutral archive solution for both DICOM® and non-DICOM content. The Enterprise Archive Uplink app enables a secure export of Vscan Extend ultrasound DICOM images to Centricity Enterprise Archive via the DICOMweb™ standard STOW-RS.

Centricity Enterprise Archive needs to be purchased separately.

Centricity Enterprise Archive is a trademark of General Electric Company.

DICOM and DICOMweb are registered trademarks of the National Electrical Manufacturers Association for its standards publications relating to digital communications of medical information.

NOTE: * Applications under GE Marketplace are available as options (not available in all geographies).

Configuring the Enterprise Archive Uplink (EA)

To configure EA as image server:

1. Press image server tab from server settings.

2. Press Add icon and enter server name and then select Type as Enterprise Archive.

Add EA as image server


3. Enter a url name of the configuration website, user name and password.

4. Press Activate button. An activation successful pop-up appears, if the activation is success. Press Ok.

5. Press Verify button. A verification successful pop-up appears, if the verification is success. Press Ok.

Verify EA image server


6. Press Add button to add the server.

Add server


You can verify the connectivity with the DICOMweb STOW-RS service.

You can choose to set Enterprise Archive link as favorite. Refer to ‘Configure Image Server’ to set EA as favorite.

NOTE: Once the app is installed, EA image server is available as a new storage destination.

Using EA Uplink

Export images to the EA server via Menu -> Exams -> Export.

NOTE: Refer to DICOM Store: exporting DICOM images from Vscan Extend to DICOM image serverand follow the steps to export images.
NOTE: If several storage destinations are configured, select the desired destination, in this case, the EA server.

Select EA server