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Wirelessly exported jpg files and mpg clips will be complemented by patient identifier and scan information as suggested by ultrasound documentation standards (e.g. AIUM, DEGUM).

Linked patient name, patient ID, date of birth, exam date, exam number, transducer name, chosen preset, transmit frequency, MI and TI, transmit focus point, and facility name will be part of exported image or clip.

NOTE: * Applications under GE Marketplace are available as options (not available in all geographies).

Configure Windows Share

1. Refer to ‘USB Export’ on page 5-32 to configure Windows Share.

2. Select “Add Exam Information” check box to get the patient information appended on the image while sharing to the local PC.

Add Exam Information

NOTE: “Add Exam Information” option is only available with the installation of JPEG/MP4 Export app.
NOTE: The exam information will not be appended and displayed on the images stored on the device

Export images through Windows Share

1. Press Menu on the scan screen.

2.Press Exams to be exported.

3. Press Upload Selected.

4. Select the created Windows Share destination.

The exported folder is as shown in the Figure below.

Exported image folder

Images inside the Exam folder

5. If the exported image does not get transferred to the PC or if the transfer fails, a red icon appears next to the image.

6. The exported image with Exam information is shown in the figure below

Image with exam information