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Auto Optimize enables automated TGC (time gain compensation) with a single key stroke during live scanning. Accordingly, gain will be automatically adjusted for all depths.

Auto Optimize is not available for ophthalmic scanning.

NOTE: * Applications under GE Marketplace are available as options (not available in all geographies).

Activating Auto TGC feature

  • Gain increases or decreases the amount of echo information displayed in an image. It may have the effect of brightening or darkening the image if sufficient echo information is generated.
  • Press and hold the Gain icon to turn ON/OFF auto optimize.
  • Auto Optimize ON message displays while activating Auto TGC.
  • Auto Optimize OFF message displays while deactivating Auto TGC.
  • Auto TGC gets deactivated when you change the depth manually.
NOTE: Auto TGC feature is available only with the installation of Auto Optimize app.
NOTE: It is best to use the Auto Optimize function for optimizing gain settings when changing views as it is not a dynamic AO function.