The Lung M-mode app provides the m-mode capability specifically to support the assessment of lung and documentation of signs like seashore.

After entering this lung m-mode tool, a centered vertical m-mode cursor line will be applied to generate the anatomical m-mode display. Such tool will be enabled for linear transducer with lung preset and sector transducer with cardiac preset (the recommended preset for lung assessment with the sector transducer).

NOTE: * Applications under GE Marketplace are available as options (not available in all geographies).

Using Lung M-Mode app

Once the Lung M-mode is installed, M-mode icon displays on the scan screen.

Lung M-mode

NOTE: Lung M-mode feature is enabled only for linear transducer with lung preset and sector transducer with cardiac preset.

1. Press the M-mode icon. A centered vertical M-mode cursor line appears.

M-mode cursor

2. Press M mode icon again to enter full M-mode display.

M-mode image

The image freezes automatically once the M-mode display fills. Alternatively an indicator line is seen after 10 seconds of display filling. Also the image can be freezed manually.

3. Vertical measurements can be performed on the M-mode image by pressing the Distance icon.

4. Press Distance icon.

Distance measurement


5. Press Store icon to save the M-mode image to the gallery

NOTE: M-Mode still frame images can be saved, not videos. You can not play or pause once the M-mode image is acquired.

6. Close button can be pressed at any point to exit M-mode and go back to live 2D imaging.